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Flood debris clean up and planning for future floods

We are currently discussing flood debris cleanup with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) from the areas around the culverts at the CPR tracks. We have expressed our concern for volunteer safety at this location on Highway 7 if we do hope to clear ourselves. We are waiting to hear back to see if Emil Anderson will undertake the clean up, or if we will team up. This debris needs to be removed before water levels come up again to prevent blockage of culverts but also to prevent deleterious materials from re-entering the lake. If you wish to volunteer please join our mailing list on the contact page.

In the future, knowing the risk of high waters particularly in the fall and spring here at Hatzic Lake and watershed, we hope the community will work together to secure, clean up, and store any items that could enter the lake at high water. A bit of preparation in the future before fall rains and spring freshet reduce the risk of blockages at the culvert due to errant residential materials.



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