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About Our

Hatzic Watershed Restoration Society is a non-profit group with goals to collaborate with local residents, First Nations, government, non-profit groups, recreational users, and the general public to improve water quality, protect and restore wildlife and fish habitat, and manage invasive species in the Hatzic Watershed. We hope to balance the need for agriculture, industry, residential development, and recreational opportunities with the protection and improvement of ecosystem values.


Current Projects


Lake Monitoring 

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Partnerships - Hatzic Lake Management Plan

Upcoming Projects

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Habitat Restoration for Species at Risk

Restoration and Rehabilitation

through invasive plant management

Get Involved 


Any donations would be greatly appreciated to help our Society pay for BC society annual dues, website costs, office supplies, field supplies, and to reimburse volunteers for expenses such as fuel.


If you can volunteer your time to help to help with upcoming projects such as Flowering Rush removal please contact us.

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